Monday, December 21, 2015

Why you should Join Thirty One Before December 29th

I have never seen a better time to join this company 


REASON #1: Your $99 enrollment kit!

Within 7 days after you enroll, you will receive a BIG HOT PINK BOX! Included in the box – over $400 worth of products and business supplies (catalogs, order forms, fliers, ect…enough supplies for your first 4 parties). And by doing those parties, you will earn more business supplies for FREE after that!
The products included are some of our most popular items, and the kit is all that you need to get started! With these products and the fabric swatches that are included, you are ready to go! The kit is over a $400 value for only $99!! What product are you most excited about in this kit?

REASON #2:Booking your launch party in January gives you DOUBLE the rewards

You can book a party any way you want and take advantage of the AMAZING hostess special. But the great thing about it…when you join NOW…you’re going to be the hostess AND the consultant! So you’re going to earn ALL the commission PLUS all of the hostess benefits!! HOLY COW! Check out the picture!
And how much do you have to sell to stay active? Just $200 every 3 months. Say WHAT?! That’s EASY!!
So are you ready for a sneak peek at some new spring product you’ll be earning for free, simply by hosting your own show in January???

REASON #3: Your Start Swell Incentive

The Start Swell is an extra incentive that the company offers for new consultants, giving you a chance to earn even more FREE products and business supplies in your first 4 months with the company. This program is extremely attainable for everyone! Thirty-One wants to REWARD you by having a strong start! Check out what you will earn with this fantastic program! At EACH of the four levels, when you hold just ONE average party (or sell $600) during each 30 day period, you will get YOUR choice of these beautiful kits!! You’re going to have the chance to earn FOUR of these kits when you join in December!!


When you join in December, you’ll be able to purchase this Spring Add On Kit for just $40! And you can order that starting December 30th! But do it quickly, because it’s only available to consultants for a few weeks! That’s $125 in new spring product for just $40!
As a consultant, you’ll be getting perks like these ALL THE TIME!

REASON #5: Let’s Recap…Now you’ve:

1. Purchased your enrollment kit with over $400 in product
2. booked your launch party in January
3. earned your first start swell kit with your own launch party (pick any kit you want!)
4. got the spring add on kit for just $40 (that was over $125 in product)
5. and now…would you believe me if I told you you’re going to earn ALL of these kits for FREE TOO???

From January 1-20th:
A) any consultant who enters $600 in orders, gets KIT LEVEL 1
B) any consultant who enters $1200 in orders, gets KIT LEVEL 2
C) any consultant who enters $1800 in orders, gets KIT LEVEL 3
FOR FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh…and by the way…We have PILLOWS with personalization in the new Spring catalog!! I just about fell out of my chair! Wait til you see the designs for these pillows!! Your friends are going to go CRAZY over them!

REASON #6: Cause the crazy cool…just keeps coming!

There is a special incentive that ENDS December 29th. This incentive allows you to earn CASH BONUSES for your first 4 months as a consultant. So not only are you earning all that free product I just got done showing you…but if you hit $1000 in January…and you WILL (wait til I show you the customer special)…you’re going to earn a $100 CASH BONUS. BAM! You just payed yourself back for the price you paid for your kit!
But the cool thing is…you get to do that for FOUR months straight! Host 2 average parties that help you hit $1000 in sales each month and you earn $100 BONUS each month.
But wait…if you’re like so many of our girls who hit the ground running and enter $2400 in one of your 30 day periods…you’ll earn a $250 CASH BONUS. Just for being awesome…cause that’s how we roll


REASON #7: There’s an outlet sale coming!

On December 27th, the OUTLET SALE will open to consultants only. This is where you can get Thirty-One product for up to 70% off. Then, on December 28th & 29th, your customers/friends/family get to shop! And YOU earn all the commission.
So, you can sign up now, share the outlet sale with everyone and announce your new business, and then LITERALLY pay yourself back for your enrollment kit just by the commission you’ll earn from the outlet sale.
But not only that…you’re earning goals towards your START SWELL kits and those CASH BONUSES TOO! You’d be crazy not to take advantage of all the amazing things above!!

Monday, December 14, 2015

Friday, November 27, 2015

Customer Special & Bundles

Black Friday Sale! 
Don't miss out on the Specials!! Happy Shopping if you are out there battling crowds, be safe.. If you are shopping from the comfort of your home, I hope you are having a FABULOUS morning..
To those of you who may be completely covered when it comes to shopping for the Holiday Season, check out the December Specials! It's never to early to start for NEXT year or checking off those birthday gifts!

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Wednesday, November 25, 2015


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  • 12:00 am - 5am - Join my VIP Group or Facebook Event to see the special
  • 5:01 am - 10:00am Join my VIP Group or Facebook Event to see the special
  • 10:01 am - 3:00 pm Join my VIP Group or Facebook Event to see the special
  • 3:01 - 8:00pm Join my VIP Group or Facebook Event to see the special
  • 8:01 - 11:59 pm Join my VIP Group or Facebook Event to see the special

How it Works:
Place the order at the following link and I will receive an automatic email which will tell me what time you placed your order. Pink Friday Sale
Prior to submitting the order on the 1st of December, I will adjust your payment based on the discount you received so your credit card will only be charged the discounted price. I will also contact you for any pattern or personalization choices on free items.
You can also email me your order at and on December 1st I will contact you for payment, the time stamp in EST on which I receive the email will determine the discount to be applied to your order.
Refer a Friend to my Pink Friday Sale, and if you email me who you referred that has placed an order I will send you a free gift!
If you are interested in Joining my VIP Group where you'll stay up to date with my business and Thirty One - including monthly specials & newsletters, events, personal specials, etc., click the link and join or message me for an invite.
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Invite your friends to my 12 Days of Christmas Event!
In Celebration of my upcoming birthday (December 11th) I am giving to you!
Starting November 29th and ending December 10th to ensure delivery by Christmas!
Make sure you have clicked Join/Going to this event, or you might miss out on something FABULOUS!
How it works ... Every Day my Customer Special will be posted, this is an additional special on top of the Current Customer Special and only redeemable through me and my 12 Days of Christmas Party
 Order Online: 12 Days of Christmas 
All Discounts will be applied before the party closes.
You can also email me your order at and on December 10th I will contact you for payment, the time stamp in EST on which I receive the email will determine the discount to be applied to your order.
Call or Text: (904) 654-3995
You can also message me on Facebook: I Heart Thirty-One
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