Monday, April 18, 2016

Grandma Esther

Grandma Esther Metzner 96 years old
Nov.8 1919 - April 8 2016 
"The Lord is close to those whose hearts are breaking."

I (we) lost my Grandmother today and my heart is heavy with her loss. Though it had been years since she was able to recognize someone due to Alzheimer's.. it is a disease that takes so much away from a person. She was 96 years old and some of my fondest childhood memories are with her at her house.. Easter playing Badminton in the back yard, climbing the tree and always being afraid to get down (me), tag with the cousins, walking down to the corner store for candy, soda pop and sometimes a note for the cashier so we could buy Grandma smokes, being scared of the noises at night at her house but crawling into that oh so soft bed that had the best smell in the world. No other smell like laundry that has been dried in the fresh air on the line, like Grandmas house. Taking my kids to play at her house, stack and unstack all of the saved butter dishes, plastic containers etc.. to see my kids run around the house with her, to drive up and see her gardening or watering. **Love to all of my Family, we all lost someone we loved today {a Mother, Sister, Aunt, Grandmother, Great Grandmother, Great Aunt, Mother In Law, a Friend}


Sorry for the lack of posts, however my Grandmother passed away last week and I was completely and utterly in the dumps and depressed. I had not seen her in years and I was saddened to realize that I had some missed opportunities to see her and be with her and tell her I love her before she passed and it didn't happen. I went to work but I was numb, I slept most of the weekend and when I say that I mean I slept over 10 hours because I was heartbroken.

I get teary eyed just typing this.
There was a graveside service which I was unable to attend in California, I sent flowers in my stead and hope that they were as beautiful as the picture from ordering online with FTD.
If you follow me on Facebook you are already aware of my loss. 

But it took over a week and I lifted myself from my funk, said a prayer and thanked God that she is now up there with her vibrant self and her full memory looking down on us and I began to move forward.

Thank you for bearing with me if you have read this to the end. 
Have a Blessed Day! 

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