Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Fall in Love

I know that we are in the middle of the Summer  I know that we have been dealing with extremely HIGH temps.  I have not totally lost my mind…..

So, here it is……

#1 – August’s Customer Special will help you get ready for Back to School!  The special is spend $35 and get either a Cinch Sac, a Wander Tote or the Go To Tote for 50% off.

#2 – Going to the beach or sitting around the pool? Doing things with the kids? Share the catalog and you will be surprised at how fast those orders come in.  Did you know that just 6 orders of $35 will get you FREE and discounted products?


If your party hits $600, you can get this AWESOME Hostess Bundle.  A Deluxe Utility Tote PERSONALIZED (yup, that is new), a Top a Tote (yes, more newness) and an Essential Storage Tote.

#3 – Thirty One is so much more than a purse.  It is so much more than just a GREAT $99 pink box full of AMAZING products.  

In addition, when you enter $600 in orders every 30 days for the first 4 months, you get to pick ONE of these AWESOME bundles.
That is an additional $150 in FREE product in the first 30 days on our StartSwell program.  
Better yet, if you enter a $1,000 in orders during that same period; you can get some additional perks:

Thirty One LOVES to celebrate, encourage and reward their consultants for doing what we do every day.  Now through September 30th, you can also earn DREAM REWARDS! You collect points based on your sales and new team members with the chance to earn up to a $1,300 gift card!

So for a $99 investment you will get LOTS of FREE product, a gift card AND you earn commission. You will get paid to have fun and #impactasoul.
Not sure if any of this is for you?  

That is okay, check out my VIP customer page by clicking HERE!

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Have a ThirtyOne-derful day!

Thursday, August 4, 2016

August Newsletter - Raffle


In a little under 2 weeks my Daughter will be a Senior, say what! She will turn 17 in 5 days and at the end of the month my oldest Daughter will be 19.
I want to take a moment to say thank you to each and everyone of you that have placed an order and or subscribed to my newsletter, view my Blog, visit my Facebook page and or participate in my VIP Group Page.
You have helped support my business my Family and I greatly appreciate it. I am very Thankful for the opportunity that I have with Thirty-One, to not only provide a quality product that you will Love but to get to know you and building those wonderful friendships. I enjoy giving back on my VIP Group page and sharing more about each other.
My point in all of this is even though I do not have a party booked every week and sometimes not even one in a month, that I have been able to help supplement the costs of having yet another Senior in my home. With the commission earned over the last 3 months I was able to pay for my Daughters Senior Photo Shoot, so again I say Thank You for being fabulous customers and friends.
Bundle Raffle

Win this Bundle

$7.00 per Raffle Ticket for a chance to Win!

35 Raffle Tickets will be Sold!

Bundle Value $198

Winner will choose Patterns

personalization is additional cost
Final Bundle Value based on Number of Tickets Sold

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me Phone/Email/Text
Payments accepted via Paypal - send via Friends and Family  or  Square Cash
If you are local we can make arrangements for payment and your raffle ticket pick up.

August Customer Special

Customer Special: Spend $35 and save 50% on the Cinch Sac ($10), the Wander Tote ($24) or the Go-To Tote ($29)
Shop Online at Bags Totes and Gifts
August Specials-page-001
If you are interested in becoming a consultant and paying some extra bills or getting some extra spending money…I would LOVE to send you more information!

FAQ's About Joining Thirty-One

Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions answered for you.
1. I have a very busy life and I’m not sure if I can be gone at night. What are the shopping event options?
You can do JUST catalog parties and online parties if that is what fits your schedule. A catalog party is when you give someone a hostess packet and they just collect orders from their friends and family and turn them in to you.
1. Do consultants have a monthly/quarterly quota to stay active?
To stay active with Thirty-One, consultants only need to submit $200 in sales every rolling three months. A qualifying party for Thirty-One is only $200! Very easy to stay active!
3. Does the company supply consultants with a website? If so, what is the cost?
The cost is $15 a month. That is an optional cost, not something you HAVE to have. And you can cancel that at any time.
4. How do I submit orders?
You submit orders via your personal website in what we call our “Back Office”. Here you will place party orders, create online orders, and do business supply orders
5. Can my customers order from my website?
Yes! Your customers can go directly to your website and place an order or re-order without hosting a shopping event.
6. What is my initial cost to become a consultant?
It only takes $99 to secure your consultant display kit! It comes with over $400 in product you get to use for yourself and your parties.
7. What will I get with my kit and when can I expect to receive it?
You will get all the products on the back of the new catalog along with 25 catalogs, invitations, and 50 order forms in addition to other start-up paperwork. You will receive your kit in 3-5 days.
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