Wednesday, October 12, 2016

October Newsletter

Join Thirty-One

So what’s the REAL deal?
From October 1st-14th, you can join Thirty-One for $1+ the website fee, which is $14.95. This does not include the $99 enrollment kit or any paperwork…
Host your launch party on your website where all your friends and family can order from your launch party!
When you host your own launch party, you get SO MUCH in return!
You earn ALL hostess benefits!
You earn the COMMISSION!
So you essentially get to pick your OWN kit with your hostess credits and commission from your first party! It’s a WIN/WIN!
Option 2: You and a Friend Join Thirty One for $100 (not including shipping/website fee) and split the cost between the 2 of you as well as the Kit! What! Isn't that FABULOUS?
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Which Would You Choose?

Did you know that you can get those hostess exclusive items and SO much more by hosting your own Thirty-One party in September? If you’re ready to book YOUR party and earn some crazy cool Hostess rewards, contact me for more details.
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October Specials

Spend $35 and get the All About the Benjamins Wallet for $25, the Littles Carry-All Caddy for $5, or the Mystery Special for $10
Side Note I ABSOLUTLEY love my All About the Benjamins wallet in my Gatsby Pebble Green, this best wallet hands down!
*Spend $70…and get TWO! That’s for every $35 you spend!
Don't Forget the Holiday Gift Guide
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